Kyle Blackthorne

I.C.E. Forensic Scientist


STR: 3
DEX: 3
CON: 3
INT: 4
PER: 3
WIL: 3

Influence (Science & Research: 3)
Good Luck
Photographic Memory
Resources (Middle Class)
Status 1
Contacts (Major – Byron you need to choose a high level contact from different Agency)
Situational Awareness

Sleep Disorders (Deep Sleeper)
Honourable (Serious)

Arrest Powers, CEASEFIRE, Criminal Tracking, Customs Analysis, Search & Seizure


Brawl 2
Bureaucracy 3
Computers 1
Drive (Car) 2
Electronics 2
First Aid 3
Medicine 3
Research/Investigation 4
Science (Chemistry) 2
Science (Cryptography) 3
Science (Forensics) 4
Swimming 2
Tracking 2


dad Steven Blackthorne retired FBI agent
mum Sue Blackthorne lawyer still working
younger sister Milly Blackthorne trainee vet
older brother Jason Blackthorne army para

when in high school a disgruntled student shot at some
school colleagues in front of me .
After just over a year i could go back to
school and move on to university , finished with
honers got job with police force but could
not get used to having a weapon and weapons
being stuck in my face so went on to my present

Kyle Blackthorne

Bodyguard of Lies byron42