Andy MacLeod

D.I.A. Field Investigator


Adrian paul 3Adrian paul 2

Currently known as (Undercover ID aliases are:

DIA Special Agent Andy MacLeod or

USSS Special Agent Paul MacLeod or

Dmitry Nikita Davydov – current deep cover name, a common name combination in Russia.

Note above:
Russian spelling is: Дмитрий Никитаевич Давыдов
- firstname is Dmitry, second is Nikita (which is his father’s firstname, yes Nikita is a boys name and the post-fix of евич denotes he is the son) and the last name is the surname Davids).

Comes from Dmitrov, Utilsa Minina Housing Block near the Communications Tower & Wooden house, Barisaglebskii Monastery (off A103, 35 miles north of Moscow).

(Currently Undercover infiltrating a Russian gang trying to acquire USA Military hardware etc.)

Former (but allied), due to saving President’s life, U.S. SECRET SERVICE (USSS) – USSS SECURITY SPECIALIST.

Long story – see below for ‘Ally’ pulling strings…

Attributes are:

• Strength 3
• Dexterity 4
• Constitution 3
• Intelligence 3
• Perception 3 +3 to all vision related tests (see below)
• Willpower 4

Secondary Attributes are:

• Life Points 34 (Constitution + Strength) x 4) + 10
• Endurance Points 35 ((Constitution + Strength + Willpower) x 3) + 5
• Speed 14 (Constitution + Dexterity) x 2
• Essence Pool 20 = adding all the character’s Primary Attributes together


Brawling 2
Bureaucracy 4
Dodge 2
Driving (Cars) 1
Electronic Surveillance 1 – DIA
First Aid 1
Guns (Handgun) 4 – all other guns at -2 this skill = 2
Hypnosis 1
Intimidation 1
Languages: – All +2 due to Hyperlingual quality:
Arabic 2 = 4
Russian 2 = 4
Spanish 1 = 3
Martial Arts 1 - cost 2
Notice 2
Questioning 1
Research/Investigation 1 – DIA
Smooth Talking 1
Stealth 1 – DIA
Swimming 1
Surveillance 2
Trance 1
Traps 1


Contacts (NSA Intel Analyst) 1 – see above
Influence (Intelligence) 2
Resources (Middle Class) 2
Status 2
Obligation (Extreme) – DIA
Obligation (Mild) – USSS ‘Ally obligation’

Own +ve ones:
Ally (USSS) 4 Obligation to USSS & gains all Pulling Strings of profession
Vision 2 +3 to all visionary Perception tests/tasks
Hyperlingual 2 +2 to all Languages
Charisma 3 +3 to all tests/tasks influencing people etc.
Added to +1 to Influence (Int) 1
Added to +1 to Status 1

Own -ve ones:
Smell/taste 2 - Poor sense/ability
Dependant Sister 2 - NSA Intel Analyst/contact
Honourable (Mild) 1 - Doesn’t lie or betray loved ones/friends.
Notoriety 2 - See above, but only in inner Intelligence circles
Psyco – Believer (Mild) 1 - Psychological e.g. psionics, occult, aliens, God
" – Delusions of Grandeur 1 - Mild again, thinks has a purpose in life e.g. save world
Secret Membership 1 – Master Mason in USA and Grand Order of Scotland

Pulling Strings:

Base Clearance
NIMA Support
Satellite Surveillance (Intelligence)
Stopping Investigations.

USSS (Ally): - ‘Ally’ Quality gives these, but Obligation 1 (Mild)
Criminal Tracking
Governmental Access
Intel Files
Official Agendas
Sending Presidential Orders.


Adrian Paul Andrews

Aged 30 (born in Jan 1982) – single
6’ 2” tall, natural athlete (fit), tidy black hair, hazel eyes and left handed.

Naturally very perceptive (visually), hyperlingual and charismatic ‘clean cut’ young man.

Brief history:

Graduated from Columbia University (New York) in Languages (Arabic, Russian & Spanish) in the class of 2000.
Joined the College’s Officer Training Corps and recruited to the USSS after graduating in 2003 – Barack Obama also went to the same Uni in the class of 1983.
In 2009, saved President Obama’s life on his protection squad and due to notoriety (not publicised, but known about within internal security circles) he transferred to the DIA on secondment – on Presidential orders.


Parent’s (now deceased) were:

  • Father (Gen. Duncan Andrews) – Scottish ex-Capt. in Scots Guards, who fought in Korea, then demobbed and went to New York, worked for mother’s father (Adrian’s Granddad) and kept in touch, gained USA citizenship and re-enlisted and fought in Vietnam in the US Marines, rising to the rank of full Colonel by 1973. Married his mother in 1974, she was 22, he was 40. Retiring in 1995 as a ‘2 Star General’. Father a Scottish Mason and joined the USA’s Masons, rising to 33rd Level… Died aged 66 in 2001 in a RTA.
  • Mother (Maureen Andrews ne MacLeod) – born and raised in ‘upstate’ New York of Irish descent, traditional housewife and WI member. Died aged 48 in 2001 in the same RTA as his father.

Only sister (Mary-Claire Andrews) – aged 28 (born in May 1984), recently divorced/single and works for the NSA as an INTELLIGENCE ANALYST (contact). Lives in Washington DC area in their upstate ‘family home’ in Forest Glen.


New ‘red’ Ford Mustang.
Owns lots of Armani – suits and middle class clothing; but, he loves his brown leather jacket and designer jeans though.
Middle Class: Owns $50,000 in property (Sister lives in their old family home / co-owned) in Washington DC (Purple House, 9829 Capitol View Avenue, Forest Glen).
Has an income of $5,000 a month before taxes.
Currently living on the base in Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia.

Career History:

Started career as a USSS SECURITY SPECIALIST, but too much Notoriety in the post to continue directly, by saving the President’s life (see Drawbacks) in 2009 (Barack Obama); but is retained as an Ally profession; then transferred to being a DIA FIELD INVESTIGATOR career. Hence list of career qualities, drawbacks, skills and all the pulling strings.


More background history:

He had a good/ideal’ish family upbringing, heard tales of his dad’s wars (Korea as a Jnr officer, Vietnam rising through the ranks and replacing good dead men, various minor wars in the 70’s & 80’s, political interference as he became a General, and then the first Gulf war and how it was so one-sided).
This gave him a real sense of duty and patriotism; along with family values.
Then his father & mother’s death when in his first year at an Ivy League Uni, meant he didn’t do as well as he could have; but having to mentor his younger sister and be there for her made him decide that he couldn’t really follow his father into the Marines as a career officer, being posted anywhere; and then his dad’s contacts arranged the USSS job for him and NSA job for his sister, so they could stay in Washington DC (without their knowledge?) .

Masonic Career:

With regards to the character’s Masonic career, at 18 (2000) he was inducted by his father (pride & tradition & can join at 18 in Scotland this way) into his father’s mother Lodge in Scotland, Lodge Kilwinning – this would be his and his father’s ‘Mother Lodge’.
Then he joined the Columbia Uni’s Lodge as a student member and risen to Master Mason (3rd level) there, which is really as high as most people get, who don’t have free time to progress or want to have been Master of their own Lodge and allows you to go to any Craft Lodge anywhere. The Uni’s Lodge is effectively a fraternity and would have meant meeting contemporaries, who will aspire to better things; along with meeting past members e.g. B Obama.
On transferring to Washington DC in 2003, he joined a new Lodge ‘Lodge Soujourner Kilwinning No 1798’ (created in 1992 for Scottish Masons and visitors – his father was a ‘Founding Member’), which is his regular attending Lodge; retaining membership of Kilwinning and Columbia Uni as a ‘County Member’ (reduced fees because he’d be infrequently visiting when available and/or to special nights).
He has sought out and become a visiting member of the Marines base’s Lodge in the Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia (he’s got to know a lot of senior staff and sergeants at the Quantico base as a result); but with Washington DC being only 40 miles away, he’s still a full member of his Washington DC Lodge. The DC Lodge would have some very senior members (or they’d be in other sister Lodges in Washington DC, there being 50 Craft Lodges in Washington DC). He is familiar with a number of the other 50 Lodges and their members – giving a network of contacts…

1. Where possible he will ‘visit’ Lodges wherever he goes.
2. ‘Federal 1 Lodge’ is probably the one to join (having had numerous Presidents as members) if you wanted to meet the President. Also, only Master Masons in the USSS Presidential Protection team would be allowed to join him in their meetings and he did/does.

Personal questions he’d like answered:

* Is there a God/Great Super Being, do aliens exist, is there such a thing as ghosts/paranormal, does the Occult exist, do people have psionics?
* Is he here to do something really important, like save the world or was it to save the President (if that was it, why is he still here)?
* What was his father in charge of really when he became top brass (he was to 2 Star General)?
* Was his parent’s fatal RTA really an accident and were the burnt bodies really his parents?
* What really happened to his twin brother, who died in his first week?

Notes on career backgrounds:

The DIA is a combat support agency of the Department of Defense (DOD) responsible for collection and analysis of foreign military intelligence. Both Aegis and the NDD have steered DIA toward the gathering of intelligence on the three known alien races. Although both organizations
have infiltrated the DIA — Aegis to a lesser degree than the NDD — an informal truce has arisen over the years.
This keeps intelligence disruptions to a minimum.

This agent gathers information about foreign military activities, either through direct infiltration of a specific country’s defense system, immersion in a country’s population, or use of reliable contacts in strategic positions. Field Investigators typically “go to ground” for extended periods of time so as not to compromise their affiliation with the DIA, and as such they are well trained to survive on their own for months at a time.

Electronic Surveillance +1, Research/Investigation +1, Stealth +1
Contacts (choose one Type) 1,
Influence(Intelligence) 1, Resources (Middle Class), Status 1,
Obligation (Extreme)
Pulling Strings:
Base Clearance, DARPA Labs, NIMA Support, Satellite Surveillance (Intelligence), Stopping Investigations.

The Secret Service protects the lives of the President and Vice President of the United States and other important government officials and their immediate families. The Secret Service also provides security at a number of government buildings, including the White House complex, the Treasury Building, and Treasury Annex. Their connections to the Treasury Department remain, despite the Secret Service becoming part of the Department of Homeland Security in January 2003. The Secret Service is also charged with the detection and arrest of any person committing any offense relating to coins, currency, stamps, Government bonds, checks, credit/debt card fraud, computer fraud, and false identification.

These agents surround the President and other important personnel in the U.S. government. They also provide security for most major federal buildings and are aware of the movements and agendas
of almost all major governmental officials. For the most part, these individuals receive physical training similar to that received by enlisted soldiers.

Driving (Cars) +1, First Aid +1, Guns (Handgun) +1, Notice +2, Surveillance +1
Influence (Law Enforcement) 1,
Resources (Middle Class), Status 1, Obligation (Total)
Pulling Strings:
Criminal Tracking, Governmental Access, Intel Files, Official Agendas, Sending Presidential orders

Andy MacLeod

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